Plotwatcher HD Surveillance Camera by Day 6

 |  Cameras, Gear

The Plotwatcher ($207) from Day 6 is a game changer.  With ordinary trail cameras motion sensors are used to tell them when to take a photo.  These motion sensors only capture game if it comes within about 40 feet of the camera.  That’s where the Plot Watcher differentiates itself.  It takes photos on a set schedule.  You can set it to take photos every 5 to 10 seconds from dawn till dusk.  The camera then condenses those images into a 10 minute long time lapse video.  You can simply watch what happens in your food plot or move frame by frame.  Imagine, a whole days worth of scouting in 10 minutes.  Maybe your stand isn’t in the right place if you are bow hunting.  With the knowledge this device provides, you’ll know exactly where you need to be.

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