Sporting Dog and Retriever Training the Wildrose Way

If you are serious about hunting, you probably own or have considered getting a dog.  Mike Stewart’s kennel, Wildrose Kennels, is a premiere authority on dogs and dog training.  They pride themselves on their bloodlines and will provide you with a puppy or a field champion.  Starting with obedience and finishing however you may want these dogs are bred and trained to be a ‘gentleman’s gun dog’.  They origins are in waterfowl and upland bird dogs, but they don’t stop there.  Wildrose will train for deer trailing and shed hunting to adventure dogs that are good on a canoe or on the trail.  They also well known for their DAD or diabetic alert dogs.  If you are interested in getting a Wildrose dog, we suggest you move on over to UK Labs.  However, if you want to train your dog the right way without e-collars and have a dog so steady that many hotel chains in this area will allow only guide dogs and Wildrose dogs, you need Sporting Dog and Retriever Training the Wildrose Way ($32).

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